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Congressional Hearing: We Take UFO Reports Seriously

On Tuesday, a subcommittee of the House Intelligence Committee held an open hearing on unidentified flying objects seen by US military personnel in recent years. This is what was previously referred to as a UFO but is now designated a UAP (Unknown Aerial Phenomena) by the US Army.

during the hearing, Led by Democratic Congressman Andre Carson, Deputy Chief of Naval Intelligence Scott W. Bray noted that the US military not only takes UFO reports seriously, but has now also established rules for reporting sightings of such things:

– Every pilot has instructions in his pants pocket and when he lands there are rules for how they know what they saw, said Bray.

– And the message is clear: if you see something, you should also report it.

A triangular-shaped object whose shape, like a triangle, was created by the viewfinder system.

A triangular-shaped object whose shape, like a triangle, was created by the viewfinder system.

Pictured: Jeremy Korble

during the hearing Several films. Among other things, two clips of film taken with a tripod filmed through a night vision periscope using a standard camera. The film was filmed by the crew aboard the USS Russell off the coast of San Diego in July 2019.

Now intelligence officers have said that the things in the film are still unexplained, but that the triangular shape resulted from the refraction of light in the camera lens system. Another movie, taken from one of the Navy’s combat aircraft, shows how the plane quickly passes an object in the air. The object is visible in one frame (the photo is at the top of the article) and cannot be identified due to a lack of information.

Ronald S. said: Moultrie, deputy director of the Department of Intelligence and Security at the Department of Defense.

Exactly how American Radar and systems on combat aircraft can record unknown objects that were later filed in the classified portion of the hearing.

A still image from a movie taken aboard the USS Omaha shows an unidentified object on its way to the water on July 15, 2019.

A still image from a movie taken aboard the USS Omaha shows an unidentified object on its way to the water on July 15, 2019.

Pictured: Jeremy Korble

The two intelligence officers found that what was hidden from the public, which was later discussed in a secret hearing, was information that could reveal the capabilities and sources that the United States had for detecting potential attackers. The two intelligence officers also didn’t want to discuss what appeared to be in a previously leaked film from the USS Omaha going from air to water. This was also something that was brought up during the confidential part of the session.

– Ronald Moultrie said we take these reports seriously and want to remove the stigma that has been around them.

– And we want to work for greater openness in these issues.

Moultrie also revealed That he was a fan of science fiction and loved to visit VI conferences, but also how he was influenced by the time he grew up:

– I think it’s important to be normal people like the American people. We also want to know exactly what you want to know, and what’s out there. So I am a curious person. My generation grew up with the space program and in the 1960s we saw how our first astronaut landed on the moon. But Moultrie also said I have friends who don’t think that ever happened.

Now he is dealing with the new ufo’s office, AOIMSG, has about 400 reports, a number according to Moultrie due to more people reporting older reports since it became known that there were channels for reporting through and that number was taken seriously.

When asked by Congressman Rick Crawford for an example of something for which no explanation could be found, Scott Bray mentioned what had happened with the pilots of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz encountering unknown objects off the coast of California in 2004.

– Bray said we have data there but it has not been resolved.

Both are stuck too That a large number of the objects being examined are physical but no wreckage has been found indicating that it is something from another planet:

“We have not found anything that is not of land origin,” Bray said in response to a question from Congressman Raja Krishnamurthy.

Bray also explained that the US military had never fired any weapons at unidentified objects in the air and had never attempted to contact them.

During the hearing it was However, it is clear that a large number of observations examined by the new UFO and its predecessors remained unidentified only due to a lack of data.

When asked if the new office works with other countries and if there are similar observations there, Bray replied that they do:

We know that our allies also have such observations and that China has established its own UAP working group. We share some and we get some from others.

Bray also said that man It cooperates with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and that non-military reports have been received.

“But there is no easy explanation for UAP,” Bray said.

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