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EU-minister Hans Dahlgren

Conference on Epidemiology and the Future of Europe at the General Council

Preparations for the EU Summit in October

The ministers will discuss the agenda ahead of the EU summit on October 21-22. Covit-19, digital issues and preparations for these autumn summits between the European Union and the Asian Cooperation Organization ASEM and the summit within the EU’s Eastern Partnership are expected to arise.

EU: Coronasamorting

EU Covid19 integration and epidemic management are expected to be discussed at the General Council.

EU – UK relationship

Ministers will receive a status update on EU-UK relations. The focus of the talks will be on the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol, which is part of the exit agreement. In July, the United Kingdom re-negotiated the protocol, which the European Commission has so far rejected.

Vision report

For the second year in a row, the European Commission will present a strategic vision statement that will strengthen and support the EU’s long-term capability and operational independence. The term outlook for the report is until 2050. The report is based on four global “megatrends” of the EU: climate change, digital change, threats to democracy and world order and population change. A dozen strategic areas have been identified for policy action, including flexible health and food systems, sustainable energy transition, digitization and AI issues, sustainable finance, talent attraction and improving EU security and defense capabilities.

Conference on the Future of Europe

The Slovenian Presidency is expected to present a progress report on preparations for the conference on October 22-23. The decisions of the European Citizens’ Committees in the autumn, with approximately 800 people selected from across the EU, form the basis for the discussion between conference decision-makers, civil society, social partners and citizens. Special working groups have been appointed to prepare discussions with representatives of EU institutions, national parliaments and the European Youth Forum.

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