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Companies in the United Kingdom investigating Apple’s breach of competition with the App Store

The competition regulator in the United Kingdom announced on Thursday that it had opened an investigation into whether Apple was abusing its domain status in its App Store application store and whether it was using unfair and anti-competition terms and conditions for app developers.

The United Kingdom’s Competition and Market Authority (CMA) has warned that the investigation will follow complaints from companies such as Epic Games, which created the popular game. Fortnight, It is in its infancy, once it is finished, they can determine whether or not Apple dominates the distribution of applications and if its practices are an obstacle to competition.

Many developers have complained that they are forced to distribute applications for iPhones and iPods through the Apple Store, and that Apple has an obligation to use the payment method because the company does not accept other alternatives, while charging up to 30% for each subscription. Produced by App Store.

The British regulator has precisely highlighted the need to justify its investigation into the fact that Apple not only designs, manufactures and sells Apple devices, but also distributes third-party applications on iPhones and iPods, and the only way for customers. Access to this company. The CMA added that all applications available through the App Store must be approved by Apple, and this approval depends on the developers agreeing to certain terms.

The UK competition recalled that the European Commission already had an apparently hopeless investigation into Apple, which was launched before the end of the UK transition period, including three trials in the App Store. The British regulator has vowed to continue to work closely with the Electoral Commission and other agencies to address these global concerns.

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Apple said in a statement that its purpose was to work with UK authorities to explain how their privacy, security and content guidelines have made the online store of apps a “reliable marketplace for consumers and developers”. Apple added, “Apple Store has been a machine of success for app developers in a prosperous and competitive market where any great idea can grow to reach Apple customers around the world. In part due to the strict standards we have, it is used fairly and equally by all developers.”

According to Apple, in the UK alone, the iOS app economy supports hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The UK investigation into Apple also comes after Epic Games took legal action against the iPhone maker and Google after both Fordnight were removed from their App Stores for trying to avoid a 30% charge on the App Store. Launches their own application payment system.