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Common with sequelae of osteoporosis |

Common with sequelae of osteoporosis |

People with osteoarthritis are more likely to develop depression and cardiovascular disease, among other things. The causes can be numerous, for example increased lethargy, but also possible common disease mechanisms.

People with newly diagnosed osteoporosis were more likely to eventually develop sequelae such as depression, cardiovascular disease, back pain, and osteoporosis than were people without osteoporosis. The study from Lund University processed data from Skåne residents between 1998 and 2017.

Explanation of physical inactivity

The fact that osteoporosis can increase the risk of certain sequelae can have many causes. Joint pain, which often leads to physical inactivity and weight gain, is known to increase the risk of mental and physical ailments. There may also be common causal factors, or common disease mechanisms, for both osteoporosis and other common diseases. One example is low-grade inflammation in the body, which can increase the risk of a number of different diseases.

Risk of diabetes in osteoarthritis of the knee

There was also an increased risk of developing diabetes in people with osteoarthritis of the knee. This can be explained by the fact that osteoarthritis of the knee joint is more closely related to overweight and obesity than hip osteoarthritis. Obesity and obesity are major risk factors for type 2 diabetes (age-related diabetes).

The results of the study suggest that it is important as a patient with arthritis to improve arthritis treatment in hopes of reducing the risk of developing consequences.

Scientific material:

Risk of comorbidities after physician diagnosis of knee or hip osteoarthritis: a registry-based cohort study دراسة.

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