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Comedian Alan Carr is coming to Sweden this fall – QX

The home in the UK is Alan Carr A famous name as a comedian, presenter and author. Recently, we were able to see him as a judge in RuPaul’s Drag Race in the UK.

Now he comes to Sweden for the first time and performs Regional Trinket, where he tells, among other things, about the vicissitudes of life. Like being locked up on a farm for two years during lockdown. The show is also dealing with his divorce Paul Drayton After 13 years of relationship, he writes daily Mail.

The famous and popular comedian relies on observed humor, anecdotes, and his character to win the admiration of the audience.

And the name of the tour after that – Regional Trinket? Carr explains:

– If you call yourself a “national treasure”, you sound like an idiot. David AttenboroughAnd the Joanna LumleyIt’s national taxes. I don’t do shit. But I’m surprised I haven’t had the British Empire yet…

Alan Carr and the regional show Trinket can be seen in Stockholm on October 19 and in Malmö on October 26.

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