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Column: More recent in use in the Premier League is television – VAR’s pursuit of millimeter justice is ruthless and hopeless |  Sports

Column: More recent in use in the Premier League is television – VAR’s pursuit of millimeter justice is ruthless and hopeless | Sports

The most used English Premier League novelty? TV screen. The shuttle is running to the sideline again – and now referees also have a failed and updated penalty gauge in their back pocket.

System change. System error?

Three rounds in the fall of the Premier League, the last mile seems inescapable. The pursuit of millimeter justice was once again intensified and now the pursuit of hands is delicate.

So ruthless?

It’s rare to struggle with Jose Mourinho, but when Newcastle saved points away from Tottenham on Sunday, they were Mourinho’s side.

Newcastle earned a stoppage-time penalty after Andy Carroll won a high-pitched duel against Eric Dyer and nodded the ball at Dyer’s elbow. The referee went to the TV screen, watched him and gave the verdict, Bonum Wilson equalized and Mourinho headed straight into the locker room.

Even Newcastle coach Steve Bruce stood in Mourinho’s ring.

– We have had hands for a hundred years. Now we have lost our grip. He says it should be a clear and distinct streak BBC.

The day before, Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson was surprised by Everton’s decision from 11 meters away.

– This is ruining football. I don’t understand how we allowed this base to enter our league. I don’t blame the judges – they just follow directions. When everyone – from rulers to opponents – agrees with you next, Hodgson says, it’s a shame. BBC.

Intolerable darkness at some points

new law?

In short, it is about a new interpretation of how players are punished for touching the ball with their hands and also want to punish unintended hands with the help of VAR.

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The hand must be in an unnatural position or prevent the ball from advancing towards the goal, the player moves his arm to stop the ball or gets bigger when lying on the ground.

It doesn’t sound revolutionary, but the end result of this guideline is still amazing.

In the Spanish and Italian championships, an updated grammar interpretation was used for one year. Last season, fifty penalties were scored in La Liga and sixty penalties were scored in the Italian league, according to the BBC.

Manchester United also decided from the penalty spot against Brighton.
The judge listens to the adjudicative video courtroom.
Photo: Environmental Protection Agency
Manchester United, English Premier League

Similar numbers are expected in England. Last year, a total of nineteen penalties were imposed in the Premier League. When no three rounds were played, six penalties were awarded with a new penalty scale.

I expect what will happen is for the players to hoist the ball on the opponent’s arm and shout for punishment, Hodgson says.

Football 2020, what a comforting darkness at times.

Almost miserable

Focusing on decisions is the result of sending the soccer ball to a computer and printing the score. Last Premier League fall the VAR was on everyone’s lips – and the trend continues.

Video Assistive Technology has been a cover in the football world for the past two years. During the World Cup in Russia, referees ran the shuttle service to the screen on the sidelines and since then, the “video room” has expanded and occupied more and more space in football.

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Referees on the field wait for tough decisions, put their finger on the earpiece and listen to what was found in the video.

It’s almost a miserable feeling when a guy like Roy Hodgson sighs and expresses his frustration.

– At present I have no idea what could be a hand. The game continues and the other team attacks, and suddenly the match stops. I have to emphasize that I don’t really understand how we allowed that in football.

The judge is watching TV.

A familiar sight this season?
The judge is watching TV.
Photo: Environmental Protection Agency
Premier League

TV broadcasts and social media are brimming with criticism and debate – comic in and of itself given that reviewing the video will stifle the issues.

With the help of technology, you can restart from all angles and finally find a petty crime. There is no going back if the counterforce is not strong enough.

– The referee spoils the match. Bruce says we coaches must unite and tell the league this must end.


This should end. The distance between video images and reality increases for every sentence that is judged after a glance at the TV screen.