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Climate meeting chair argues like a climate denier – Altingit

Climate meeting chair argues like a climate denier – Altingit

Like a fist in the stomach. Perhaps this is what the oil-producing countries are feeling at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28), as the world gathers for the climate summit here in Dubai, in the small fishing village in the United Arab Emirates that has grown enormously in recent decades on the basis of… Oil. .

This may explain why the chair of the climate meeting, Al Jaber, who is also a minister and head of the EU’s state oil company, was so angry with the somewhat obstinate Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland and the UN high commissioner for human rights. Another possible explanation for Jaber dropping the mask is that Robinson is a woman, but whatever the reason, his statements should be taken seriously. They have to face the consequences.

I belong to those who avoid prejudging people in any new political tasks. Over the years, it has proven to be the right attitude. Of course, it is distasteful for an oil tycoon to lead a meeting on climate, just as it is for a tobacco lobby to lead a conference on anti-smoking measures, but this would create support and movement among those who might oppose it. At the same time, the compass must be ready at a UN climate meeting – the goals of the Paris Agreement require a rapid phase-out of all fossil fuels.

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