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Exegers Powerfoyle Solar Cells.

Exeger is a Swedish company with award-winning, world-leading solar cell technology that converts all light energy into electrical energy – at home and abroad. A solar cell called a Powerfoyle can look like leather, fabric, or polished steel. In order to grow, the company enlisted the help of EKN – among other things through a green operating credit guarantee.

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When you say solar cells, most people probably think of large solar collectors or 100 square meters on a residential roof. But Exeger’s Powerfoyle solar cell is something completely different, designed to charge our everyday gadgets in just a few square centimeters – no matter where you are.

Our solar cell is unique because it can be found in the products that we humans care about and need in everyday life. This is possible thanks to the Powerfoyle’s various design options, and because it charges regardless of the light source. Giovanni Fili, CEO of Exeger, explains that you can always access green energy through the light around you, indoors and out.

Giovanni Fili is the CEO of Exeger.
Giovanni Fili is the CEO of Exeger.

The fact that the Powerfoyle can be folded and produced in various design shapes means that it can be integrated into practically all consumer products that need electricity. And that’s exactly how Exeger sales go – through collaboration. In 2021, the company launched its first four products with successful companies in different fields. Partly the world’s first self-charging bike helmet, partly the world’s first self-charging headset. Headphones that provide unlimited use and are environmentally friendly.

EKN takes 80% of the bank’s risk

Exeger has cooperated with state-owned EKN for several years. EKN exists to assist Swedish export companies, and early in the company’s journey, Exeger received advice from EKN. Now that Exeger needed capital for its large new production facility in Stockholm, EKN stepped in and guaranteed 80 percent of the bank’s risk with an environmentally friendly operating credit guarantee.

A financing solution like this from EKN opens up greater opportunities for borrowing from banks, says Giovanni Fili.

“irreversible technology”

During the pandemic, the company also won Inventor of the Year — an award given by the European Patent Office — and expanded a new technology platform for Powerfoyle and made it 50 percent higher at home. With the help of EKN, Exeger has now secured funding to start building the largest solar cell plant in Europe, and now the company is looking ahead.

We will set a new standard in consumer electronics. Bluetooth is now everywhere, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing on the journey with the Powerfoyle. It’s a technology that no one would be able to see without once they start using it – we call it an irreversible technology, says Giovanni Fili.

Read more about EKN’s green solutions here

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