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Chrome automates security alerts

Chrome automates security alerts

Google Chrome has long had a feature called Security Checkup, which checks that Chrome is up to date, that no potentially dangerous extensions are installed, that Safe Search is turned on, and that there are no insecure saved passwords.

now Notify the company The new update being rolled out automatically runs a security scan in the background, so the browser can, for example, warn you if a website you've saved login details to has been hacked and you have to reset your password.

The security scan will also monitor saved settings for websites and either show warnings or automatically turn off, for example, camera and microphone access if you haven't visited a website for a long time. Last but not least – Chrome will also offer to turn off notifications for websites that display a lot of notifications that you rarely interact with.

Chrome's memory saving mode is getting better.

Another novelty in Chrome are improvements to the memory saving mode introduced last year. When memory saving mode is enabled, users can hover over a tab to quickly see how much memory the tab is using. It's also become easier to choose which websites should always be active, even if they've been in the background for a long time.

Tab groups also get an improvement. In the coming weeks, Google will roll out the ability to save tab groups. The saved collection can be opened again later, as a bookmark of several pages. This may make it easier to commit to fewer open tabs and thus reduce memory usage.

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