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Christian Leaders Must Have Certain Characteristics - Today

Christian Leaders Must Have Certain Characteristics – Today

Today’s Leader Both are dear and exposed. It is only recently that a number of new ministers have come under close scrutiny, which is of course absolutely true. During the year we in the church world also became conscious leaders who abused their trust.

Today’s columnist Niklas Pinsho points out the weakness of leaders, and that tolerance seems hard to come by, which means few are willing to take on leadership responsibilities. It is a troubling situation, and therefore we need to think about what characterizes what we call today in the word ‘leadership’.

Leaders need to make completely invisible decisions in advance. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the decision, the consequences become troubling when the leader makes a decision that he then no longer follows. It is called inconsistency, or perhaps hypocrisy. In the wake of the pandemic restrictions, for example, political leaders such as the Prime Minister of Finland are criticized Sana Marine The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson For not following their own rules.

what did you do An additional challenge to leadership today represents two overlapping trends: a necessary presence on social media and that leadership is a universal style regardless of the context in which it is practiced.

It is argued that social media has constantly changed the interaction between people. It clearly has influenced the way leaders should be. Now it is necessary to show who you are contacting and who you are required to. Pulling to the top is all about the importance of connecting with the right people.

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Sanna Marine has not only been criticized for her partying amid the pandemic but also for her use of social media. She seems to be seeking confirmation by posing at celebrity parties with the right people. Author Dagens Nyheter Saga Kavalin He wonders in column (10/12) if this is the type of leader we really want. Don’t leaders really need to be motivated by convictions deeper than the number of likes?

Leadership no longer seems to be about “acting without being seen,” but rather the opposite. To show their good leadership, they must be told. Perhaps it’s time for a group discussion about the Bergsbridecan’s call not to pray on street corners but in private means to drive?

Young woman reading the Bible.

second direction Is that leadership is seen as something that is applicable regardless of the context in which it is practiced, it is considered as a set of general techniques and skills that must be used correctly, then guarantee a certain result and the set goals will be achieved. Efficiency, productivity and growth are key words for all leaders.

This means that we expect the same from leaders regardless of political ideology or in the case of corporate and parish leaders. They are all driving, right?

Of course, it is better if you do something competently and the work develops satisfactorily. So there is a lot to learn about leadership from different contexts. But leadership never appears without context.

Leaders in general and Christian leaders in particular need to discern certain traits.

Frederick Winnell

driving around About making decisions and influencing others. No one should practice driving but be aware of the risks involved. That is why leaders in general and Christian leaders in particular need to have certain characteristics.

For churches, it’s always about Jesus’ mention of Christian leadership: “So it’s not with you.” In the text, he scolds two disciples for wanting more power than the others. Thus the Bible does not describe the person who accomplishes the most or the person who is most successful necessarily the most suitable as a leader. Instead, Paul enumerates a number of virtues that are critical to good leadership. It is about, for example, being honest and hospitable, well acquainted with the Christian faith and a peaceful person. Aside from the Christian faith, these are virtues that all leaders must possess. The advantage is that the decisions that are made then come from a person who has been shaped according to a certain pattern.

Sometimes it’s so important That leaders make decisions that are uncomfortable, but if they are made by a sincere person, free from the desire for money and peace, the chances are greater that the decisions will be characterized by the same thing as the leader who made the decisions. But of course, sometimes also goes wrong for virtuous people, forgiveness is required. These virtues may not make you walk the red carpet, but they are leadership that provide safety and confidence – and that leadership is easier to submit to.