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Cheerful protest posted • Fatal crash • Baby panda was a male voice

Cheerful protest posted • Fatal crash • Baby panda was a male voice

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Experts are angry with Norway. History records angry from China. Social media users are outraged that the Olympic’s official mascot has a faintly masculine voice. That’s three points out of five in an Olympic day sweep.

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The Winter Olympics are held in Beijing from February 2-20, and the campaign is posted every day from the opening on February 4.

The photo of the top three in Sunday’s men’s ski race is causing controversy. The victorious Russian team cheers loudly for the gold medal and France the third as well. But the Norwegian team faltered. Actor Johannes Hosfluth Klæbo did not even appear on the photo shoot.

This type of behavior only supports the outside world’s impression of the Norwegian skaters as being spoiled and special. This means there are fewer people willing to praise us the next time we succeed, says Jan-Peter Saltvedt, an expert at NRK.

Chinese ice star Rong Jie didn’t stop on the board after his impressive jump in the Big Air qualifiers. Instead, I continued walking at high speed at the shiny railing – and rolled on it. Everything went well, and the audience thought the event was entertainment, writes Eurosport.

– I’m glad she’s fine. Channel expert Leslie McKenna said she made it to the final.

Baby panda Bing Duen Duen, the official Olympic mascot, has been loved by the Chinese with his cute appearance. But now the mascot is speaking — and in a faintly masculine voice, writes the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post. Many on social media platform Weibo have reacted with outrage. The Chinese government responded by downloading the video where the panda speaks and has banned the hashtag #BingDwenDwenstartstalking.

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German columnist Christian Stocker launched an angry attack on the Beijing Olympics and the International Olympic Committee in a column in Der Spiegel. He writes that it’s all so much about money that it’s almost comical.

He writes: “The Olympics are once again taking place under a dictatorship that locks people into camps because of their religion, operates a huge surveillance machine, violently suppresses protests and imprisons large numbers of non-criminals.”

US TV viewers disappoint the Beijing Olympics and broadcast company NBC is headed for its worst Olympics yet, according to The Athletic. The bad timing of the tournament, criticism of human rights in China and the global epidemic muted the mood.

“We’re sorry, there’s nothing romantic about the Beijing Olympics,” the sports website writes.

02.05: curling, men. eden denmark team

02.30: Friske, the men’s tilt swim, the final.

06:00: Snowboard, men’s big air, final.

07.05: Curling, ladies. Haselburg, Denmark

10.00: Men’s biathlon, 4×7.5 km relay.

13.05: Curling, men. Eden Team-UK.

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