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Chaos on the streets as Norway opened: 'Dangerous'

Chaos on the streets as Norway opened: ‘Dangerous’

And while queues at nightclubs in Oslo were long, police recorded at least 50 fights and disturbances during four hours in the capital. Police handled, among other things, a knife cut and an alarm about a man with a machete on a bus. In addition, a man is being cared for with serious head injuries after the assault on Stortorget.

– There was a much greater workload than before during the summer. There were a lot of people outside already in the afternoon and that continued into the night, says Ron Heckelstrand in the Oslo police NRK.

However, the police were not only busy in Oslo. In Tonsberg, Skene and Bergen, the police had to intervene in several major riots, NRK writes.

From Trondheim come reports that people have fainted in queues for pubs.

There were long and heavy queues outside the nightclubs. A police spokesman told Norway’s TV2 that people were pressed so hard that others lost their breath.

suddenly opened

The news that Norway will ease restrictions came relatively suddenly. The government announced the decision on Friday, and at 4 o’clock the next day it went into effect.

Critics say the rapid tremors may have contributed to the night’s chaos.

– It turns out just like I said earlier. It was life threatening there because they didn’t give us a few days notice. Oslo nightclub manager Johann Hoegh Hans says what Solberg did was life-threatening VG.

However, Prime Minister Erna Solberg defended the decision. It was foolish to wait, she says, as the country’s infection control authority endorsed an opportunity.

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We should not have strict procedures if they cannot be professionally motivated. We have also been in contact with the municipalities, and the vast majority wanted to see an opening, she told VG.

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Contrasts – Yesterday there were happy faces when Norway relaxed restrictions, today it looks partly different. Photo: NRK