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Chaos at Kabul Airport - Woman was about to flee but was pushed away

Chaos at Kabul Airport – Woman was about to flee but was pushed away

The woman was scheduled to travel with the US evacuation plan from Kabul.

She has now burned all documents linking her to the US Embassy and will delete all her social media history for fear of the country’s new Taliban regime.

For the same reason, you don’t want to include her name in the article.

– I am afraid of what the Taliban will do to me and my family if they find out that I am in contact with the American Embassy. That is why I initially ran away from my hometown, which they had taken over, to Kabul. I thought it would take two or three months for them to take over the other provinces and maybe six months or a year for them to take Kabul. But it was just a matter of days.

She was relieved that she could leave the country.

“Businesses and businesses have been looted and destroyed”

A few hours before the Taliban took control of the city on Sunday, she was flown to Kabul airport – where she had been spending a terrifying day without food and water.

My experience at the airport was horrible. When we entered we saw that all the shops and businesses had been looted and destroyed. Many were afraid of the Taliban and rumors spread that they would come to the airport, people fled and left their property looted by thieves and looting gangs. I couldn’t see any security forces taking care of security, she said.

What she saw were thousands of desperate people. He was attracted by a Facebook post claiming there was an evacuation plan for ordinary Afghans like them.

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– As far as I could see, they were just people. Everyone was hoping to get a ride.

Can not take flight – crowd on the way

As soon as she was about to board the plane, she didn’t arrive.

– I couldn’t progress. There were people on the road running towards the plane.

As former President Ashraf Ghani handed over the presidential palace to the Taliban and fled the country, she and the huge crowd of Afghans stayed at the airport on Monday night.

It says that the international forces tried to evacuate at the airports until the plane took off. Near it stood soldiers from Turkey and the United States, firing repeated warning shots into the air.

– I heard a lot of shooting during the day and night. My ears hurt. There were many children at the airport, they were scared and crying. We had nothing to eat and there was no water. We sat in the sun and heard very loud and close gunshots.

The Taliban arrived: “They shot a lot and were flogged.”

She adds that the Taliban finally arrived at the airport on Monday night.

– They entered the airport area, and many of them fled. They were violent and fired several shots and whipped people. As soon as I hear a low noise, I recall the sounds of the shots.

The Taliban forced people out of the airport.

– I helped a pregnant woman out. People ran on other people and I didn’t want that to happen to her. I didn’t think they would flog a woman. But I was flogged three times on my leg when I tried to escape.

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Outside the airport there was a large crowd pushing each other. The woman was alone with her friend and they had to solve the next problem – to go home.

The Taliban do not allow two women to go together without a male relative accompanying them. We needed a man. So we decided to pay a guy to come with us and let us go. And we went home.

Women have no hope for the Taliban: ‘I want to leave the country’

When Expressen talks to the woman, she is at home, and she has eaten and drank. Her feet have open wounds but she is alive.

However, she fears how life will unfold for her and other women under the Taliban regime.

– What we want is equal rights and equal opportunities as men. I don’t even think the Taliban can understand and address this. That’s why I want to leave the country. Because I don’t think there is any point in talking and negotiating with these people, she said.

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