Carry On Working Or It’s Curtains, Emoov Tells Staff

Emoov will only survive if everyone carries on working as normal, senior management are reported to have told the up-for-sale agency’s staff.

Jack Malnick, Emoov’s National Sales Manager, apparently told staff in an email: “If we don’t show up for work, don’t answer the phones, have the tough conversations, book viewings and valuations (and go to the ones we book) then we don’t have a business, we won’t get bought and we won’t get paid.”

He added : “The only way of us all getting get paid and Emoov surviving is if we all show up this weekend and Monday and the rest of next week, and do what we are here to do. I appreciate it might be a lot to ask but collectively we are responsible for keeping this business intact, and every single person that doesn’t work puts us more at risk.”

CEO Russell Quirk is reported to have given a similar message to website Property Industry Eye over the weekend, upon seemingly unfounded rumours administration was imminent. He told them: “I am aware that there are all sorts of rumours and conjecture flying around but it is very much business as usual and, as is no secret, we are continuing to try and find a buyer.

“Are there multiple conversations going on? Yes there are. Are these challenging times? Yes they are.”

Malnick’s plea to staff might come straight out of the handbook of the blindingly obvious – but it is grittily true: Without confidence there is no business. And that couldn’t be more true in the case of a virtual rather than a bricks and mortar business like Emoov.

Source Property Industry Eye
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