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Carried by airlines for ten years because of its name

Carried by airlines for ten years because of its name

Kieran Harris, 21, was due to fly with EasyJet from Liverpool in England to Alicante in Spain on May 25.

But the day before the flight, Kiran received an email from the airline saying that he would not be allowed to board the plane. And not only that, he was also banned from all flights with the company until 2031 “due to past disorderly behaviour”.

– I was so upset and couldn’t understand it at first, says Kieran.

He is sentenced to prison

A man named Kieran Harris has been sentenced to twelve weeks in jail for being aggressive and insulting while on a company trip in 2021.

However, Kieran Harris was another – a convicted felon who was born on the same day.

– I’ve participated in this before. Kiran says there is this person who seems to have the same name and date of birth as me.

He says the police came to the family home last year to question the “other” Kiran.

– After five to ten minutes, they realized it wasn’t me, Kieran says.

A police spokesperson said it appeared to be a case of mistaken identity.

– We have sent a written apology, says the speaker.

Thinking of changing the name.

Kieran Harris managed to work it out and boarded the flight as planned, but said it was an “extremely stressful” experience.

– We understand this led to some frustration, says an airline spokesperson who “deeply regrets” the error.

However, Kieran had had enough:

– I’m thinking of changing my name if this continues.

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