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Carlos Sainz took the first pole position of his career

Carlos Sainz correctly timed the lap and took his first pole position of his career.

– Come? Felt miserable! After finishing he answers confusedly.

The skies opened up and it rained during qualifying for the UK GP. This created difficult conditions for the drivers and just in time for Q3, the rain stopped.

As a result, times improved and a fight broke out between Red Bulls World Cup leader Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, Ferrari.

But neither of them took pole position, instead it was Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz who set his best lap time. Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc set his fastest time on the final lap.

– There were major problems with the water on the track and it was easy for the car to make a name for itself. In addition, it was very difficult to get the tires at the right temperature, so I thought I would get a lap at the end, and it was nothing special really,” says Carlos Sainz.

– So, I was very surprised that it was enough for the pole position.

Carlos Sainz first pole position in F1

It was his first pole position during his F1 career and now he has his first starting position, he could run well under completely different conditions with only a 20 percent chance of rain on Sunday afternoon.

This means the Spaniard has good conditions to secure the first victory of his career.

– I think I can make it a win, we have made some changes to the car and are in a good position, although I expect Max and Charles to push me in the race.

Ferrari is betting on revenge

For Ferrari, Carlos Sainz’s pole position is a statement, the team has not won a race since the Australian GP in April and the Red Bulls will have to fight back to avoid losing too much to World Cup leader Max Verstappen.

Verstappen was the better-looking driver during most of qualifying, but Ferrari’s other driver, Charles Leclerc, spun and had to retire on his final lap.

– The last qualifying session will be like a lottery, it’s time to set the right time, says Max Verstappen, who will now start second.

– I was hampered by that yellow flag in front of me, but I still start from the first row and I know that regardless of rain or dry we have a good car.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, starts from square three, next to Sergio Perez, Red Bull, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton is fifth.

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