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Caregivers in the East of the UK Digitize Pathology with Sectra's Cloud Service

Caregivers in the East of the UK Digitize Pathology with Sectra’s Cloud Service

Linköping РJune 27, 2022 РInstitute of Medical Technology and Internet Security Sectra (STO: SECT B) Signs Digital Pathology Agreements with East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust and West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust in the UK. This solution allows pathologists to study and collaborate on cases in a way that is not possible with a microscope. This will reduce variability and increase the effectiveness of the primary diagnosis, thus improving cancer treatment.

Sectra’s contract, signed in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021/2022, concludes that two NHS care providers in the east of the UK will transfer pathological services to more than one million people. The contract includes a digital pathology module for Sectra’s complete solution to medical image management as a cloud-based subscription service (Sectra One Cloud). Sectra assumes overall responsibility for all hardware and software and other IT components.

Pathologists working at both the East Suffolk and the North Essex NHS Foundation and the West Suffolk NHS Foundation are able to work together by analyzing high-resolution images from microscopes and physics glasses almost anywhere.

Sectra’s digital pathology solution enables healthcare providers to provide timely diagnoses of patients. Specialists can easily and quickly access digital images to perform their review without having to wait for a glass tissue sample to be taken from one hospital to another.

Multidisciplinary teams can view images without delay and hospitals can more efficiently allocate their resources in the field of pathology to make the best use of their potential. At the same time, work flexibility for pathologists has also been improved because digital images make it possible to study from home.

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Sarah Rollo, pathology project manager at the West Suffolk NHS Foundation, says:
– Epidemiology highlights the importance of accessing images remotely, as well as the flexibility and diligence with which we serve. Pathologists will have the opportunity to report routine cases and emergencies as soon as they come home for reconsideration. Laboratory. With the help of simultaneous access to images and the opportunity to refer to them, pathologists can collaborate on cases even in different locations. Improved data sharing with these specialized centers will reduce processing time for patient matters as some of our patients are referred to specialized hospitals. Helps to introduce digital processes in the digital pathology laboratory, which reduces the need for manual work and improves patient safety.

Dr. Yinka Fashedemi, Director of Cellular Pathology at the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation says:
– This new technology will enable our staff to remotely analyze and share samples, which will enable us to further improve the service we provide by ensuring that our patients receive their test results quickly. It will also make it easier for patients to get the second feedback they need to get the treatment they need at an early stage, and to collaborate with colleagues who work in specialized hospitals. We are pleased to be one of the first healthcare providers in the country to introduce this digital pathology system to help provide better service to our staff.

The solution is expected to support specialized care processes, for example in cancer diagnoses. It will handle about 1.5 million surveys a year and pave the way for other new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

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The first person to maintain a digital pathology system as a service to Sectra using Microsoft Azure Cloud. As Sectra assumes overall responsibility for all hardware and software and other IT components, the IT and infrastructure burden on hospitals will be reduced. Cloud-based solution means that they can utilize flexible storage that includes cloud service. This means that they can handle large amounts of data in digital pathology in a cost-effective manner.

Says Jane Rental, CEO of Sectra UK and Ireland:
– The digitalization of pathology is the biggest change in the NHS’s diagnostic services over the centuries, though not decades. The East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation and the West Suffolk NHS Foundation are at the forefront of that journey, and are particularly innovative in using cloud services to ensure that their initiatives are scalable and sustainable. We are very proud to have the opportunity to participate and contribute to this change that will bring significant benefits to both health professionals and patients.

About Sectra
Sectra assists hospitals around the world to regulate health and authorities and safety in Europe to protect the most important information in the community. In this way, Sectra contributes to a healthier and safer community. The company was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Linkoping. Today, Sectra has direct sales in 19 countries and sells in partnership with partners around the world. Total sales for 2021/2022 were SEK 1,949 million. Sectra (STO: SECT B) is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm. See for more information Sectra’s website.

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