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Calendar for Formula 1 2022

The 2021 season is not over, but a provisional calendar for Formula 1 2022 is already being issued. There are 23 races again, but this time 2022 is expected to end in November 2022.

This is several weeks earlier than expected as this year’s season ends, so the season does not end after 2018.

Calendar for Formula 1 2022
The same fight 2022? (TT)

The calendar for Formula 1 2022 has some interesting details, the first example being released from the Australian season premiere two years later. Again it goes to Bahrain.

On May 8, the F1 debut awaits Miami and has three headlines in the season. It starts in the UK in July, followed by Austria and then France or Italy. French GB has no contract for 2022 and Imola has been offered a reserve if details are not resolved.

The second triple header continues immediately after the summer vacation, followed by a week’s break to start the third triple header of the season with an evening race in Singapore. However, there are doubts about the Singapore GB that disappeared in both 2020 and 2021 due to the epidemic. If you can’t finish the race at the Marina Bay Street circuit, the Turkish G.P.
However, we must not forget the current epidemic, which has moved many species over the past two years, and certainly could do so in 2022.

Calendar for Formula 1 2022

20 March Bahrain – Zakir
March 27 Saudi Arabia – Jeddah
10 April Australian – Melbourne
April 24 Kina – Shanghai
8 May 1 USA – Miami
May 22 Spain – Barcelona
29 Maze Monaco – Monte Carlo
June 12 Azerbaijan – Baku
June 19 Canada – Montreal
July 3 England – Silverstone
July 10 Austria – Spielberg

July 17 France / Italy – Le Castellet / Imola
July 31 Hungary – Budapest
August 28 Belgium – Spa-Francorschamps
September 4 Netherlands – Jantward
11 September Italian – Monza
September 25 Russia – Sochi

October 2 Singapore / Turkey – Singapore / Istanbul
October 9 Japan – Suzuki
October 23 USA 2 – Austin
October 30 Mexico – Mexico City
November 13 Sao Paulo, Brazil
November 20 Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi

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It was the calendar for Formula 1 2022. Want to know what the season is like this year? You have that calendar.

So, the Red Bull failed at the depot

Why did Max Verstappen park a bad warehouse in Monza?
This is also one of the reasons why it was so tight between Verstappen and Louis Hamilton, which led to a clash that pushed World Cup President Russia three places back. According to Red Bull, this is about the new rules regarding depot stops introduced this fall.
– This is a very unusual human error due to the new guidelines, cited by Fixed Manager Christian Horner Motorsport-Magazine.
– But even Mercedes made a mistake regarding Hamilton’s stoppage, which contributed to the situation that arose.

Although Horner fined only his driver, he believes both drivers were the cause of the collision.
– I still believe that both are indebted and that it is difficult to lend more to one side than to the other. If the FIA ​​wanted to set a precedent, they could impose the same penalty on both drivers. The question is what Max Verstappen can do with Sunday’s sentencing. He already proved that in 2018, when the engines were replaced in Russia, there was a progressive course in this field. He then moved up five places from the last starting line.
However, every year a track won by Mercedes is raced in the former Olympic city.
It’s Race Week again, and the timings, weather and tires will be available for this weekend’s race in Russia tomorrow.

IndyCar – Lundqvist gets a test

Marcus Erickson retained fifth place in Indigo after sixth in Laguna Seka.

– They had good hedge for us, good training and I was seventh in qualifying matches that were close to the Fast Six, says Marcus Erickson.

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– The racing was also right, but initially I had a bad day when I was behind Scott and lost a little bit of speed. There I lost 20 seconds of Herta and Balu lead. I battled almost over the entire race with Pat Over, who was in his gearbox, but by the end of the third time I had made a small mistake and lost Graham Rachel. It was a little sour.

In the top ten, Eriksen is happy with another spot and only 15 points behind fourth-placed Scott Dixon in the table.

It was hard to drive the car towards the end of the car, and it was hard for me to keep the tires alive to be at a good speed in the end. It was a bit out of bounds, but still strong enough to manage sixth place.

– I’m so glad I could be four or five today with that car and speed.

Colton Herta won the match, ahead of Alex Paulo, who was responsible for several excellent reversals on his way from 13th place to the podium, and Alemen Crozian, who led the championship.

– The last stint was a lot of fun because we had new tires that were fresher than the other drivers. It was exciting, the happy Crosgen later told NBC.

– On the other hand, it’s not fun when we have to travel long distances on black tires to make that strategy work.

Felix Rosenquist, on the other hand, had a terrible day. It started because the car was not refueled enough during the qualifying game and he was knocked out in the first qualifying section. In the race, he had already spun on one of his laps and then had trouble wearing the tire.

The truly memorable day was Felix Rosenquist, who finished 19th.

– I did not drive a good race and it went hand in hand with the fact that I had zero confidence in the car. The first two or three rounds of each period felt pretty good, but it collapsed so quickly that we didn’t pursue it. We were strong in many courses at the end of this year, but not much to take with us from here.

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Full list of results Is here.

Here is the table.

Indie Lights and British F4

At the Indilits, Linus Lundquist took two more stage spots at Laguna Seka, where he won one stage spot at the championship and one test at the IndyCar.

– Linus Lundquist, who has taken ten stage seats this year, says it is wonderful to look forward to my first INDYCAR selection.

– Under normal circumstances, it would be less if you were third, fourth or fifth in a championship, but here it is more important. This is a great opportunity, an opportunity to join the INDYCAR groups. It will be In fact Awesome to be able to do the right test on a monster for a car!

The test will take place on October 29, and you can find one here Feature with Linus.

Positive Swedish tones also come from the UK. Joel Granforce competed in British Formula 4 and has been on his fifth platform in the last nine races, and when there are three races this season, he is fifth in the championship, three points from third.

– It starts to tighten up in the championship, with the form we have now, says Joel Granforce that anything can happen.

– Here was another standard weekend at Kraft, where we now have five stage seats in the last nine races. Whatever we do, we need to keep improving as much as we can, it will be the most exciting end of the season!

The season ends at Silverstone next weekend.