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Buying tip: Computer for photo and video editing

Buying tip: Computer for photo and video editing

Today I own an old machine with an i7 2600K processor in a Fractal Design Define XL chassis, the first version of Define XL.
After updating the BIOS in the current box, the computer freezes as soon as the graphics card is plugged in plus it sometimes warns about the CPU temperature even though it's around 60 degrees and it also loses the onboard network card every now and then.

The idea was to change the motherboard, cpu and memory, but the computer was built 10-12 years ago so the psun is many years old and the chassis is probably not the best in terms of heat dissipation and may as well be in terms of compatibility with gpu coolers Centrality. I drove with the side closed specifically because it actually got a little hot with the current tools.
The computer will be used for editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop as well as Davinci Resolve.
The current setup is starting to struggle with Adobe's AI-based parts, but even larger panoramas are starting to struggle so an upgrade is required. I have 16GB of RAM today and I'm working on a big panorama but I ran out of RAM so I have to reboot from time to time.

I have a bunch of SATA drives to move to the new computer, so I need a motherboard with at least 6 SATA drives. I bought a Samsung SATA SSD 870 EVO 2 TB just before its problems started, and installed Win 10 Pro on it, so it will likely be used as a system disk for the new machine. There is also an ASUS 3060 Ti 8gb to use. The alternative is a 2TB M.2 disk with Win 11 Pro, but it will cost another 4-5000 SEK.

The idea is for Inet to build the computer.
So that's what it looks like at the moment, I'm up and running whether I should choose the i9 instead, since the 14th gen is the last for the 1700 socket.
I had my sights set on a Max version of either the MSI Tomahawk or the MSI Pro Z790-A Max WIFI, but now it appears that the Max cards have been ordered in Inet, and then the regular Tomahawk is selected. The alternative I looked at is the Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Elite I have now chosen to match the memory speed on the memory to the motherboard and the only reason I have is to eliminate potential clock related issues. The alternative to the Psu is the Seasonic Vertex GX 850w but it was chosen to be quiet in the PC builder.

What do you think am I off cycling or not?