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British rail drivers declare general strike

British rail drivers declare general strike

A new general strike threatens to paralyze Britain’s transport sector. Members of the Aslef locomotive union at eight train operators announced Thursday that they will carry out a nationwide strike on July 30. It is the first time in 27 years that train drivers in the UK have coordinated an industrial activity, according to the Financial Times.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is outraged by the announcement and accuses the union of “cynical planning”, as the strike coincides with both the Commonwealth Games and the European Football Championship.

The struggle revolves around the desire of train drivers to raise their wages in line with rampant inflation – a demand the employer did not want to meet. The struggle is not limited to the training of motorists.

On July 27, the two other train unions, RMT and TSSA, will stop operating for 24 hours. RMT also organized a massive three-day strike at the end of June, which paralyzed train services across the UK.

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