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British Newspapers: "No, you have not received our vaccines"

British Newspapers: “No, you have not received our vaccines”

For the EU, the supply problem represents about 60 percent less than expected between January and March.

Irritability develops. The EU wants to get what it pays for. According to the EU, how Astra solves it is theirs. Astra has responded that we are doing our best and cannot withdraw from the agreement with the UK to compensate the EU countries earlier this week.

British Home Secretary Michael Covey acknowledged that this was not an option.

– No, the most important thing is to ensure that the plan we have agreed upon and the plan based on our vaccination plan are implemented, he said in an earlier interview with BBC Radio.

“Muscle tension”

SVD’s David Bodi said of an EU that it is now tense its muscles, while the British are defending their size. British newspapers carried headlines such as “No, you did not get our vaccine” and “The selfish EU wants our vaccine”.

– Newspapers report that the UK is far ahead of the EU in its vaccination program, not without a certain joy of injury. Now they continue to receive their vaccines as planned, while the EU does not. Proponents of Brexit believe that leaving the EU is the right choice.

“Johnson wins”

The UK has been hit hard by mutated viruses and increased infection rates.

– For Boris Johnson it can be seen as a kind of precise success. At the same time, one should not take newspapers too seriously. David Bodi says they want to provoke conflict and use international rhetoric.

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SVT’s European correspondent David Bodi read more about the vaccine conflict in the clip above.