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British mobile phones were hacked before the attack on the Gavorev military base

At least 35 people were killed when Russia bombed a military base in Gavorev.

Now British security sources have stated that it was hit after hacking of British mobile phones.

It is also said that Russian spies have collected telephone data at military facilities in the UK, the Daily Mail writes.

The attack on the facility in Gavorev, near Lviv, occurred last Sunday a few miles from the Polish border.

At least 35 people were killed and 134 injured when the buildings, where about 600 foreign volunteers have been trained to carry out missions in the country, were hit by about 30 robots.

Currently states the daily mail to Russia The target was set after the cell phones of British soldiers who were at the facility were hacked.

Scenes from the Gavorev base after the attack.

perfect for the enemy

The newspaper says British phone numbers have “lit up” Ukraine’s mobile phone network and let the Russians know which buildings could be demolished.

Former intelligence officer Philip Ingram stated that Russian spies “monitor the cellular network for unusual activity, such as communication of foreign devices.”

It is believed that Russia has an opportunity to monitor communications from the ground, air and space.

— but they may also have hacked the networks from the inside, says Ingram to the Daily Mail.

He believes that mobile devices are ideal for the enemy when it comes to finding and hitting their targets.

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Awareness of these threats is poor among British soldiers. Ingram says a lot of people don’t think about digital exposure as much as they do about physical exposure.

Russian spies from the GRU military intelligence service are said to have collected phone data from mobile devices connected on-site at military facilities in the UK.

The database of British numbers during the invasion is now compared to international mobile phone numbers calling Ukraine.

One of the 34 soldiers killed in the attack on the Gavorev military base was buried.

British warning

According to internal warnings in the British intelligence service, it is enough to register two such numbers in the same place for Russia to agree to the attack.

“It does not matter if it is an aid camp. This will not be the case for the Russian forces. This cannot be emphasized enough,” the warning read. According to the Daily Mail.

Gavorev’s training facility is usually used for international exercises, and as recently as February, she visited the United States.

Between 2015 and 2019, Canada led a training effort on the base, dubbed “Operation Unifier.”

Swedish soldiers were also present at the site and participated in the training of Ukrainian soldiers.

An American instructor explains to Ukrainian soldiers how to handle the M141 at the now-bombed military base. Photo gallery January 2022.