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2021 Olympics: Asher Smith emerges after crying: 'What happened?'

2021 Olympics: Asher Smith emerges after crying: ‘What happened?’

British sprint queen Dina Asher-Smith, 25, came to Tokyo as the big medal jumper. But it didn’t go as planned.

First, she missed the final in the 100-meter sprint. Then she resigned at an altitude of 200 metres.

– I want to be completely honest with what happened, explained Asher Smith with tears in her eyes in an interview with the BBC.

I had a hamstring lift before the Olympics and we did everything so I could start from here. But now I have to cancel. There will be more tournaments for me…

Dina Asher Smith in an interview with the BBC.

Photo: BBC.

But with about an hour remaining before the start of the night’s 4 x 100m trial heat, Dina Asher-Smith’s name appeared on the starting list. And when the race started, Discovery Plus commentator Peter Häggström had a hard time believing his eyes.

– Now we will have Dina Asher Smith for Great Britain. Is this really true? As Hagstrom says.

Asher Smith explains himself

This is correct. She ran the third leg – seemingly completely unrestricted – and helped Britain set a new national record: 41.55. The other three contestants are Asha Phillip, Imani Lancecott and Daryl Neta.

– What happened? Dina Asher Smith, who was injured and had to give up the 200 and cried in front of the cameras, suddenly thundered here in the test run and ran very well within close proximity to her, says Peter Hagstrom and was even more impressed when he sees the replay photos.

– Check out Asher-Smith here! It absolutely dominates the distance. That injury must hinder her.

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Then, Dina Asher-Smith explained that the plan was always to run the relay.

– Relay is very important to us. We took the bronze in Rio and looking at what the girls are like, we have great chances here. I wouldn’t miss it! I’ve been able to train really well in the past few days and feel ready, Asher Smith says.

The final will be decided on Friday.

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