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British anti-virus fighter Sir Tom Moore dies at 100 |  Foreigner

British anti-virus fighter Sir Tom Moore dies at 100 | Foreigner

Captain Tom Moore died Tuesday morning in a hospital in his hometown area of ​​Bedfordshire. Moore succeeded in great sense last year, when his project to raise money for healthcare spread like wildfire on the Internet.

“The last year of our father’s life was amazing to say the least,” Moore’s two daughters wrote in a statement on Tuesday.

Tom Moore, or Captain Tom as he is called, had promised at the start of 2020 to walk 100 laps around his lawn to raise £ 1,000 for British healthcare.

The initiative gained momentum online and quickly hundreds of thousands of people around the world donated over £ 30 million for healthcare.

Moore became a celebrity and at his 100th birthday, he received more than 140,000 birthday cards and greetings from the Prime Minister. Veteran Warrior Moore was also greeted by an overpass.

In July 2020, Captain Tom became Sir Tom Moore, when Queen Elizabeth II awarded him a knighthood at a shrinking ceremony at Windsor Castle.

On Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Boris Johnson remembered Moore. The flag on Downing Street waved half the staff and described Prime Minister Johnson Moore as “a hero in the true sense of the word”.

Moore tested positive for the Covid-19 virus at the end of January and developed pneumonia.

Sources: Reuters, Associated Press

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