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Britain wants to monitor asylum seekers in chains

Britain wants to monitor asylum seekers in chains

In April, the British government agreed with Rwanda to move asylum procedures there in order to stop people smuggling across the English Channel.

The proposal faced heavy criticism and was even taken to court, but last week it received the green light from the country’s highest court, leading to the transfer of seven asylum seekers to Kigali, Rwanda, on Tuesday.

However, the plane in question was grounded at the last second after the European Court found the delivery could cause “irreparable harm”, so Britain is now taking further action, according to the BBC.

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“Easy regular contact”

Asylum seekers who are meant to be flown to Rwanda must have arrived in the UK via “dangerous” or “non-essential” routes, and in the new government proposal, these would be covered by a twelve-month pilot project where they are tied up.

According to the British government, the purpose is to investigate whether it is easy for the country to maintain regular contact with asylum seekers.

– This is what we are doing to ensure that asylum seekers do not simply disappear in the country, the country’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the British TV channel.

The European Court’s decision means asylum seekers who will be flown out of the country will not be allowed to leave the UK until three weeks at the latest, when a major review of the proposal is to be conducted by a British court in July. . But the country’s Home Minister Priti Patel is critical of the court’s decision.

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– She said that the mysterious way this court worked is scandalous telegraph Friday.

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