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Britain: Russia plans to introduce pro-Russian leaders in Ukraine

Britain: Russia plans to introduce pro-Russian leaders in Ukraine

According to the press release, the British Foreign Office in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, has information that “the Russian government wants to establish a pro-Russian leader.”

This installation is part of the consideration of whether or not Russia should invade Ukraine, it said in the statement. It also lists the names of four former Ukrainian politicians linked to Russian intelligence, according to the Foreign Ministry. The list includes the former Prime Minister, two former Deputy Prime Ministers and the former Vice President of the Security Council of Ukraine NSDC.

The statement did not comment on the value or accuracy of the information which was allegedly leaked to the Russian Federation.

Foreign Minister: Can’t tolerate

The British Foreign Secretary’s Lis Truss said in a statement that the information released during the evening provided “insight into the scale of Russia’s actions designed to undermine Ukraine” and provided insight into the “Kremlin thinking.”

Truss says Russia must step down and end its occupation campaign, and that “any military invasion of Ukraine would be a major strategic mistake at great cost.”

Via Twitter He writes that Britain will not tolerate the Kremlin’s plot to establish pro – Russian leadership.

White House: “Deep Concern”

On Saturday night, the US government also responded to reports from Britain. According to Emily Horn, a spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council, this information is “deeply troubling.”

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– These kinds of conspiracies are deeply troubling. The Ukrainian people have a sovereign right to determine their future. Horn says we will stand in solidarity with democratically elected partners in Ukraine Fox News.

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