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Britain Crosses “Red Line” |  Marcus Oscarsson

Britain Crosses “Red Line” | Marcus Oscarsson

England crosses the 'Red Line'

Britain is preparing its military support for Ukraine.

During a visit to Kyiv, Foreign Secretary David Cameron pledged three billion pounds of annual military aid to Ukraine.

– We will give three billion pounds every year until needed. “We have actually emptied warehouses while delivering equipment and weapons,” he told Reuters.

– Some arms deliveries are actually arriving in Ukraine today, Cameron insists Ukraine has permission to use British weapons to attack targets inside Russia.

– The foreign minister says it is up to Kiev to make that decision.

Red line for America

Thus the United Kingdom crossed the red line of the United States. The White House has long urged Ukraine not to use US weapons in attacks on the Russian border

However, David Cameron's message is clear: Great Britain has set no such limits.

– Ukraine has the right to do so. Russia bombs Ukraine daily. I think we can all understand that Ukraine has to defend itself.

Met Trump

David Cameron, British Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016, has visited Ukraine twice since taking office as Foreign Secretary in November 2023.

Western support for Ukraine is a priority issue for Cameroon.

In early April, he met with former US President Donald Trump and encouraged him to continue supporting Ukraine if he is re-elected to the White House.

Days later, the US House of Representatives approved a $60 billion aid package for Ukraine. An aid package that Trump had previously opposed.

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– This is an absolutely decisive decision for Ukraine. “It's not just about weapons, it's about raising the will to resist and the morale of all people in this country,” Cameron says of the US support package.

The foreign minister did not want to answer how a possible change of power in the US would affect future US support.

– It is not up to us who the American people choose to be their president. Whoever we choose, we will work with him.

Photo: Head of the Russian Office

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