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"Bring your own drink" - the message that shakes Johnson's

“Bring your own drink” – the message that shakes Johnson’s

“You’re welcome from 6 pm, bring your own liquor!” It came in an email from Martin Reynolds, a close partner of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, ITV News reports.

The message is officially labeled “sensitive”, but according to ITV was sent to more than 100 recipients, for an event on May 20 last year. Reynolds wrote that they wanted to take advantage of the nice weather to have a few mugs together in the garden behind the 10 Downing Street residence.

Cheese and wine

It is emphasized that distances must be maintained in the event. But legally and politically it does not help much. At that time last spring there was a severe lockdown in England, and dealing with people of different families was strictly prohibited.

This is just another similar revelation. Less than a month ago posted the guard Photo in which the Prime Minister participates in the mixing of cheese and wine in the garden of the dwelling. The photo is dated May 15, 2021, a few days before the big party.

According to ITV information, “only” 40 of the more than 100 invited people attended. But among them, Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie must have been.

“that’s enough!”

The criticism is harsh and growing, even from many who support Johnson, but of course from the opposition in the first place. “Boris Johnson, your ducks and your distractions are ridiculous,” Labor leader Keir Starmer writes. “Not only did she know about the parties in Downing Street, she went to them.”

Johnson said he had not broken any rules without wanting to go into detail about what happened. He did not comment on the latest accusations, referring to the fact that an investigation is underway.

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“That’s enough, Boris!” Appeals to the Daily Express usually loyal to Johnson. “The ‘partygate’ farce must end now.”