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Brigitte Macron is suing a far-right website after passing rumors

Brigitte Macron is suing a far-right website after passing rumors

During the fall, Brigitte Macron, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, was subjected to false allegations that she was transgender and was actually born as a man, under the name Jean-Michel Trugno.

The name has been popular on Twitter over the past week, with tens of thousands mentioned.

Allegations about the first lady It was circulated on Facebook but gained attention when it was published in September in an article on a French far-right website. The article led to the conspiracy theory gaining traction on social media. Among other things, accounts linked to anti-wax groups and conspiracy theory Qanoon movement were implicated in spreading the conspiracy.

Now Brigitte Macron has decided to take legal action as a result of the rumours, BBC reports.

– Lawyer Jean Innochi confirmed to AFP that she has decided to start the process, and it is continuing.

The rumor that’s going on right now The wife of the French president is one in a series of false allegations being circulated about all or world leaders on social media. Michelle Obama and US Vice President Kamala Harris were previously subjected to similar plots. Shortly after Brigitte’s husband, Emmanuel Macron, was elected president of France in 2017, the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda launched a rumor that he was gay. Rumors about the president went so far that Macron himself came out and denied the allegations.

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