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Boys' Pet Shop - Always On Bali

Boys’ Pet Shop – Always On Bali

Few people think about that Elvis Presley or Brenda Lee When they hear the title of the song always on my mind today.
The song was written in 1972 Wayne CarsonAnd Johnny Christopher And Mark James It was originally performed Gwen McCray. Then, like I said, Elvis recorded the song when he sang it to his ex-wife PriscillaOnly after a month of separation. always on my mind It became one of Elvis’s most beloved songs and certainly his strongest release of the ’70s.

But it was Christmas 1987 always on my mind It has acquired a completely different dignity in popular culture.
Boys’ pet shop He had recorded a version of the song prior to Elvis Presley’s British television program Memory. The song with a rustic smell has disappeared and instead the British duo made a disco-pop version of the song. A great feature in my opinion. It’s always better to do a dance version of the stories, I mean, why do the same song again but with a different song when you can do something new and more fun?
always on my mind They reached the top of the UK Singles Chart at Christmas ’87 where they stayed for four weeks. Even in Europe, the Pet Shop Boys version of the song was a huge hit. One in Poland, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and West Germany. In the United States, the song ranked fourth on the Billboard Hot 100.

The boys store pet version of always on my mind It has won many polls as the best cover ever produced, as I say more commonly, just think of Pet Shop Boys when you hear the title today is someone else who recorded the song. But like I said, that’s what I personally think is important even to make a cover for a song. To make something new out of it. There are so many karaoke versions of songs created that they unfortunately have no reason to exist. But when you take a song and make it your own and in this case even better than the original (which is really tricky, because both Lee and Presley’s versions are incomparably good), you’ve really worked.

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always on my mind Pet Shop Boys became the third number one on the UK Singles Chart. It became the fourth and final heart which was released in March 1988. Then the duo was close with their covers VillagersSong go west 1993. But then they had to settle for second place …

To the video for always on my mind The stage was used with a song from the duo’s surreal musical It can’t happen here which was released in 1988. In the video, we follow Pet Shop Boys in a taxi with a blind priest playing Jose Eckland. A scene in the music video interspersed with different clips from the movie he directed Jack Bond.