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Boy missing in Great Britain – Skanska Dogbladet

Boy missing in Great Britain – Skanska Dogbladet

British boy Alex Patty was eleven years old when he disappeared while on holiday in Spain.

Six years later, he was walking in the rain on a road in the south of France – and on Sunday night he finally made it to England.

British Alex Patty disappeared at the age of eleven. Undated personal image released by Manchester Police.

– It is with great satisfaction that I can now tell you that Alex has returned to England after six years, Matt Boyle of Manchester Police told a press conference.

An eleven-year-old grandmother went on holiday with her grandfather and mother to Spain in 2017 and was not detained. Since then, he has been missing – until now.

On Thursday, a motorist found the boy walking in the rain on a country lane near Toulouse in the south of France. When driver Fabian Assidini searched online and saw that Alex's grandmother had been reported missing, he contacted the police and let the boy borrow a phone.



“I want to get home”

“Hi Grandma, it's me, Alex. I'm in Toulouse, France. I hope you get this message. I love you and want to come home,” the now 17-year-old wrote to his grandmother. Caretaker.

French investigators are trying to find out what Alex Baty's life was like. According to the boy, he and his mother and grandfather had lived a wandering life near the Pyrenees in southern France in recent years. It is said that he was not enrolled in the school.

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The whereabouts of Alex's grandmother's mother is unclear and her grandfather is believed to have died six months ago.

Four days passed

According to French authorities, the boy finally decided to “get his life back in Britain” and the mother revealed plans to move with him to Finland.

– Then he decided to leave the place where he was with his mother, and he walked and walked for four days and four nights, says Antoine Leroy at the prosecutor's office in Toulouse.

In a statement, the boy's grandmother, Susan Caruana, expressed great joy and relief that he was found in good health:

“I spoke to him last night and it was great to hear his voice and see his face again. I can't wait to see him when we reunite.”