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Boris Johnson’s party punished in local elections – lost in London

In the results of the early elections, setbacks were noted for Johnson’s ruling party, which has so far lost 53 seats in various municipalities across the country, as local elections were held on Thursday, and there are seven thousand seats at stake.

The Liberal Democrats appeared to be leading the most, taking 27 seats, while the largest opposition party, Labor, took one seat, Reuters wrote early Friday morning.

The number of votes counted to be Ready later on Friday, but it is already clear that Johnson’s party will lose control of London’s Wandsworth municipality, which is touted as a key municipality where the Conservatives have been in power for 44 years. According to the Conservative Party, they are also losing out on the baby, which is another stronghold.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson takes his dog Dylan to the polls in Westminster, London.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson takes his dog Dylan to the polls in Westminster, London.

Photo: Tejas Sandhu / TT

The election result is seen as the first test of public opinion for the prime minister since he led the Conservative Party to their biggest victory in 30 years, in the 2019 elections, and rallies when the country was in lockdown, something in which a large number of officials have now been fined – including That’s Boris Johnson himself.

He is the only current prime minister fined in the UK.

John Curtis, a professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde, told Reuters that the election results confirmed that the Conservatives had taken some form of reprimand from voters.

Thursday’s elections cover all municipalities in London, Scotland and Wales, and a third of other municipalities in England.

Friday morning early election results Indicates the progress of work in London. A poor election result is adding to pressure on Johnson, who has been fighting for political survival for months and who still risks more fines for attending more rallies during the pandemic.

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