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Boris Johnson wants to give Rivian fast tracks to a UK plant

Boris Johnson wants to give Rivian fast tracks to a UK plant

PS Provider helps businesses and organizations automate administrative processes based on RPA and smart automation.

Digital employees with cognitive abilities who can handle a complex process from start to finish may seem like the future — but the truth is, we already exist. PS Provider, the leader in smart automation, takes technology directly to Swedish companies, municipalities and regions.

Robotic process automation, RPA, has proven in recent years to be the key to success in streamlining administrative processes. The technology is now ripe for integrating AI into bot solutions, creating entirely new opportunities for automation, says Pär Hedin who is responsible for smart automation at PS Provider.

When we add different types of cognitive abilities to the digital employee, he is no longer restricted to rules-controlled processes but can handle more complex tasks and interpret unstructured information. This means that the area of ​​use for digital employees is growing exponentially, he says.

People can focus on core business

PS Provider helps companies and large organizations in the public and private sectors to automate administrative support and business processes based on RPA and smart automation. The result is shorter lead times, higher safety, and improved cost efficiency. When repetitive processes are automated, human employees also have more time for value creation and efficiency development tasks.

PS Provider recently implemented a client project where the goal was to automate the process for vendor reminders. It was an impossible task just a few years ago when digital employees couldn’t handle the unstructured information that also comes through various channels. But by adding intelligence, the goal can be achieved.

– We’ve taught the digital employee to read the reminders and understand the content so they can go through the entire process. Bar-Heden says the client saved three full-time jobs just by automating this specific step.

The robot that understands natural speech

A robot equipped with cognitive capabilities can also act as a customer support in a very humane way – it can even adapt its approach to the mood of the other party. By connecting an intelligent chatbot to digital employees performing tasks across platforms, the entire flow can be automated.

We see great potential for this technology, including in public activities. When municipalities share chatbots that are interested in general issues related to building permits, for example, you can create a library with the most frequently asked questions and thus greatly simplify the work. Communication with municipal residents will be more consistent and accurate, and questions can be answered immediately and at any time of the day, says Bar-Heeden.

All indications are that the use of AI as an automation tool will not decline in the future. By implementing intelligent automation into its operations now, at the beginning of the technology leap, the entire organization can gather knowledge that will be critical in the future, says Pär Hedin.

About PS . Provider

PS Provider is a leading smart automation company in Sweden with over 20 years of experience developing and automating support and business processes in large corporations and organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Curious to know how your company can switch to smart automation? Find out more here.

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