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Boris Johnson urges France to withdraw threats of closed ports

Boris Johnson urges France to withdraw threats of closed ports

– We have much bigger fish to fry. (We have much bigger fish to fry.)

With this joke, Boris Johnson has tried to de-dramatize the feud in recent days with Emmanuel Macron, and focus instead on the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, which Johnson is hosting.

Macron and I agree on the big issue: the importance of combating climate change.

But already on Tuesday A protracted conflict over fishing rights threatens to lead to an embarrassing diplomatic incident. Then the deadline set by the French for the British to distribute all the fishing rights they think they are entitled to under the Brexit deal expires.

said French EU Minister Clement Bonn, who earlier this week threatened to close French ports to British ships and impose “strict controls” on trucks.

There may also be talk of restricting electricity supplies to the British island of Jersey, according to the French.

I got angry I’m London. telegraph This weekend he published a leaked letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, in which French Prime Minister Jean Castilles requested support on the grounds that “we must show that leaving the EU is more harmful than staying”.

Unacceptable, Boris Johnson says:

– We are concerned that France is about to break the agreement that we have with the European Union.

President Emmanuel Macron He warned in an interview with the Financial Times this weekend that “British credibility” was at stake in this matter.

After the meeting with Johnson, the tone of the French diplomats was more conciliatory, and it was said that it was agreed that joint steps would be taken to reduce the discrepancies.

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A few hours later, the British denied the matter, saying: “It is up to the French to reduce their threats,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman explained.