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Boris Johnson doesn't think England need to shut down again

Boris Johnson doesn’t think England need to shut down again

While Boris Johnson has warned that many are now infected, he has given a positive picture of how the new virus is affecting those infected with the virus.

– We know that Omicron gives less severe symptoms, so we don’t have many seriously ill people in hospitals at the moment. But we are seeing that many hospitals are sending signals that they are under a lot of pressure and in the next few weeks the pressure will be heavy.

The number of deaths either Not as big as in previous waves.

And we can get rid of the microwave without shutting down the country again and we can learn to live with the virus, the prime minister said.

It costs schools and other parts of the community to close.

Boris Johnson urged everyone who works at the school to wear a mouthguard and get tested. Johnson also said that as of January 10, 100,000, which he called “critical occupations,” will be tested daily.

Work from home if you can, test yourself before you meet people in high-risk groups.

Some hospitals Obtaining support from the military to handle their tasks as the number of inpatients is now around 15,000 in England alone.

There are still nine million people who have not received the booster medication. Take your vaccine. People die needlessly. More than 60 percent of all people receiving care in intensive care did not receive a vaccine injection at all and 90 percent did not receive a third injection.

Provides the third injection Prof Chris Whitty said at the press conference that at least 88 per cent protection against serious diseases. Whitty is England’s chief medical officer.

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The omicron variant is found throughout the UK and many hospitals and regions believe there is a crisis case. At the same time, the number of hospitalizations is increasing. In London, there are 3,993 people currently in hospital with covid-19, which is more than double what it was two weeks ago, he writes. Watchman.

British government The scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance, stated that most people with omicrons at the moment were younger, but it is not known how the virus mutation will occur when the infection now appears to affect older people as well.

In an interview with BBC Radio The number of hospital admissions is now on the rise and is likely to remain at high levels in the coming weeks, said Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist at Imperial College London.