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Blaston developer pulls out of Facebook ad testing for VR

Blaston developer pulls out of Facebook ad testing for VR

Last week, Facebook announced its launch Trial period for advertising Through the Oculus platform and VR headsets of the same name. The goal is to increase the profitability of the platform through clickable ads that are placed directly into the games. Blaston was initially supposed to appear, but now Facebook has to look for a new participant.

The decision was not well received by Oculus users, who were highly critical of advertising in already purchased games. after BLASTON Bombarded with negative reviews Thus, decision games choose to opt out of the test, at least for Blaston specifically.

We appreciate all the comments and thoughts about testing the Oculus ad for Blaston and other games announced last week. Some good points have been made, and we realize that Blaston is not the best suited for this type of ad test. Therefore, we are no longer planning to implement the test in Blastone. As an alternative, we’re looking to see if this little quiz can be ported to our free game, Bait! sometime in the future. – Tommy Palm, VD för Resolution Games

at Written statement to download VR Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm says they appreciate the feedback they’ve received about ad testing and that players pointed out several important aspects. It also acknowledges that Resolution Games understands that Blaston is not fit for purpose and is no longer part of the project. However, they are open to temporarily testing it on a smaller scale in the free game Bait! In the future.

Thus it appears that Facebook is completely empty of participants at the moment. When the ad test was first revealed, only Blaston and Resolution Games were selected, with the addition of more games and developers expected to join in continuously during testing. It remains to be seen if this will change the course of Facebook’s ad plans.

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