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Blackpool player emerges as gay – since 1990

Blackpool striker Jake Daniels, 17, emerges as gay.

He is the first professional men’s footballer to be released in the UK since 1990.

– He says I’m sure there will be a reaction to this and some will be gay.

Says 17-year-old talented Jack Daniels Sky Sports About his decision to come out as gay for his family and in public.

For a long time, he considered keeping it a secret because there was still a ban on men’s football.

– I asked myself if I could wait to come out until I stopped playing football. No other elite player here is openly gay, Daniels continues to tell the TV channel:

– But I knew that it would lead to long-term lies and that I could not be myself and live the life I wanted to live.

Jack Daniels on the right.

Expects reactions

Justin Fashanu, released in 1990, is the only British elite player to have appeared recently.

Daniels firmly believes that his message will generate both good and bad reactions.

– I’m sure there will be a reaction to this and some will be gay, maybe in the forums and on social media. It’s an easy thing for people to focus on, Daniels says.

But above all, he believes in being a role model for others.

– I’m only 17 years old, but I’m convinced that this is what I want to do, that if I leave, others will look at me and realize that they can do the same. Terrible.

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Jake Daniels grew up in Blackpool and completed his first professional contract after scoring goals for the club’s youth team this year. A week ago, he had to make his A-Team debut when they lost 0-5 to Peterborough in the championship.

Get support

Sky sports experts Jaime Carragher and Gary Neville paid tribute to Daniel’s courage.

– This is a very important day for English football, and it will be historically significant, says Neville in a television broadcast.

The Premier League has also expressed its support.

“We support Jake and hope football is for everyone,” the league writes Twitter.

Also, FIFA has shared A post Written by Stonewall, a British LGBTQ organization:

“We are proud that Jake was able to share his truth with the world. UK It takes courage for the last 30 years.

Slotten praised Cavallo

In October last year, 21-year-old Australian Josh Cavallo became the only gay men’s footballer in the world’s elite.

He was later praised by Sladen Ibrahimovic.

“You are a winner. Football is common to all. Great respect,” Sweden wrote on Twitter.