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Big fires - and the season has barely begun

Big fires – and the season has barely begun

Among other things, in the scenic French Alaric Mountains region – about halfway between Toulouse and Montpellier – fires erupted this weekend. And the fire authorities said, on Sunday evening, that a crew of a thousand people, after intense work, was brought under control. L’Indépendant reports.

A few dozen miles to the south, the areas of Conca de Barbera and Noia, west of Barcelona, ​​were also on fire. Ash and smoke were reported over the weekend to reach Spain’s second largest city. A number of rural farms were evacuated, newspaper scriber.

The Catalan newspaper also reported great concern within the region’s fire authorities. 375 forest fires have already been recorded this year, of which just over 50 were in July.

And the terrain conditions are the worst imaginable, at the same time as the Spanish summer has just begun. Experts spoke to El Periódico to describe that wind and heat turn forest areas into real “pots” where the slightest spark, from a thunderstorm for example, is really dangerous.

It is also feared that all of these factors will be exacerbated by climate changes in which human greenhouse gas emissions are burning. Including drought – bad with rainfall means that groundwater levels are already low, and there is no hope of lightning during the summer.

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