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While the match between Germany and France provided a relatively predictable result, the match between Austria and Great Britain provided the real punch. The end result is that we already know who is waiting for Tre Kronor in the quarter.

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Austria went into their game needing points. The only thing they're looking for is three points – meaning this year's competition is already over today. After yesterday's defeat against Norway, the Brits looked set for elimination but were keen to improve on their final score in the tournament.

Even Germany had a heavy weightage on points, which would have helped the team climb higher in the table. Even though the quarter-finals were already confirmed, there was a chance to get an easy opponent beyond the USA.

France were the first to score, as Philipp Krubauer slotted home Germany's goal after a quarter of an hour. However, the luck didn't last long as Mark Michaelis replied to make it 1-1 just before the break.

In Prague, it would take until the start of the second period to deliver goals. On the power play, Clemens Unterwegen made it 1-0 for Austria just seconds before Great Britain were stuffed. After a good performance from the entire team, he managed to get the perfect shot in front of goal.

However, the team managed to equalize after several dangerous attempts following the goal in a 5 vs. 3 game for Great Britain. Ben O'Connor's header sent the arena into frenzy and the underdogs were well supported in the stands. The puck was placed straight on the right cross and Great Britain could play with a bit more tempo after the goal. The team's number of shots on goal increased significantly and eventually doubled what Austria managed. However, there were no outright wins and it was 1-1 on the board after 40 minutes of play.

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The goals came in the second period in Ostrava, where Anthony Rech put France ahead in the opening minutes. A moment later, two more goals may be awarded, one from each team.

After halftime, something clicked for the Germans, who delivered both 3-3 and 3-4 within 22 seconds. The team continued to play at a faster pace than we had seen before during the game, where shots on goal steadily increased.

At the end of the period, Leonhard Bföderl managed to push the puck between the legs of a French player who dived past Quentin Papillon into the goal. The target was seen but ultimately ruled invalid.

Great Britain was able to play on the power play after the break, where a nice forward play gave the team a 2-1 lead, and then Brett Berlini was able to put the puck on the roof of the goal cage.

At the same time, Germany managed to improve to 3-5, which soon after rose to 3-6. Here, France opted for Julien Junca in place of Papillon in goal.

Austria chased an equaliser, but instead the British could extend the lead. With ten minutes left, Evan Mosi picked up the puck and safely made it 3-1. At this point, the fans in the arena were celebrating hugely and you can believe that the English have secured a place in the quarter-finals.

With five minutes remaining, Austria chose their goalkeeper as a last-ditch effort, but here instead it gave Great Britain a huge lead. However, in the final minute, Austria would find the net again, but the effort came too late. Final score 4-2 – to Great Britain.

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The last quarter between France and Germany was mainly characterized by a high number of ejections, where Frédéric Dieffles had to leave the field after others were awarded a match penalty. It remains to be seen whether he will be there in the upcoming quarter finals. After the final whistle the final score of the match can be written as 3-6.

This affects the final results

With the win, Germany moved up 15 points behind the USA to second place in Group B. It remains to be seen whether the team can maintain this status as both Slovakia and USA are likely to challenge. The USA, who defeated Germany earlier in the championship, needed two points to advance. Slovakia can touch on points, but not go through on head-to-head encounters.

Austria's collapse in the game means Finland are already set to be the last team to progress from Group A to the World Cup play-offs – and will also be Sweden's opponents in Thursday's quarter-finals. The teams last met in WC 2023 and the previous one too, it was a Swedish victory.

Updated on May 21, 2024