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Biden: The United States will defend Taiwan if China attacks it

Biden: The United States will defend Taiwan if China attacks it

British And American The media reported that President Biden was very clear in his statement about the US position on security policy in relation to Taiwan.

He was asked twice if the United States would defend Taiwan.

“Yes, we have an obligation to do so,” President Joe Biden said at a hearing organized by CNN Thursday night, U.S. time.

Among other things, what raised the question was the alleged Chinese test of a so-called hypersonic robot, which was said to have sent a complete revolution around the Earth before hitting the sea, according to information a week ago in, among other things, the US Defense Newspaper one defense And the British financial times.

Pengaton is not ready

It is said that the information about the test surprised the headquarters of the US Department of Defense. As a result, the willingness of the United States against China was questioned. But Biden said there are no loopholes.

China, Russia and the rest of the world realize that we have the most powerful army in the world in history. He said don’t worry if they get stronger.

He continued about China:

“You have to worry about whether they’re going to do things that could put them in a position where they make a huge mistake,” Biden said.

But he did not explain what would be in this case. The BBC reports on the deliberate “strategic ambiguity” of the United States in relation to China.

US President Joe Biden attends a CNN hearing in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo: Ivan Fauci October 21, 2021

The United States recognizes China

Biden made a similar statement two months ago. This resulted in questions about whether the United States had changed its policy toward Taiwan. But the White House claims it’s the same strategy as before.

In recent weeks, China sent Large groups of fighters and bombers near Taoyuan Which passed through an air defense zone (ADIZ) claimed by Taoyuan and required foreign planes to identify themselves there. This has led to an escalation of the conflict between China and Taiwan.

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Chinese military aircraft flew over Taiwan’s air defense zone Photo: AP

The United States does not have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but sells weapons to the country – including air defense, while at the same time recognizing China’s sovereignty over Taiwan, supporting China’s position that there is only “one Chinese government”.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that recently The “reunification” between China and Taiwan is inevitable.

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