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Biden in Europe: "America is back!"

Biden in Europe: “America is back!”

Air Force One landed at Mildenhall Airport in Great Britain just before 9pm Swedish time. In the evening, Joe and his wife, Jill Biden, meet with US military families stationed there – before the official project begins outside Saint Ives in Cornwall, southwest England.

The leaders of the G7 nations will meet for a summit this weekend at a hotel complex near the rolling beaches. But already on Thursday, Biden has his own meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Show United Front

There can be little doubt what the message of the trip will be: four years after the isolated policies of Representative Donald Trump, the United States is back on the world stage. Moreover, in addition to the epidemic and vaccine challenges facing the world, the United States and other democracies must show a united front against Russia and China.

“This issue is important for our time,” the president said Discussion article In the Washington Post before the trip.

“Can the democratic alliances and institutions that have shaped most of the last century deal with the threats and enemies of our modern age? I think the answer is yes. We have a chance to prove it in Europe this week.”

Meets Putin

Russia was a particular topic of discussion at the NATO summit in Brussels on Monday. Before Biden leaves, he and his wife meet Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. Jill Biden then returns to the United States.

On Tuesday, a meeting with EU leaders awaits, mainly on epidemiology, the economy and various ways to strengthen the Atlantic relationship.

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Joe Biden’s trip to the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin ends next Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland – which is predicted to be frozen.

“I understand what he needs to understand,” he says on the first night of his overseas trip.

After meeting with his Russian envoy, the President traveled directly to Washington, D.C.

US President Couple Joe and Jill Biden. Photo: Evan Wucy / AB / DT

Fakta: Joe Fitness Europaresa

June 9: US President Joe Joe and Jill Biden land at Mildenhall Airport in the UK. There, they meet Air Force personnel and their families before flying to St Ives in Cornwall.

June 10: Biden meets British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

June 11: G7 summit begins in Cornwall. The White House has said Biden will emphasize US diversity commitment and focus on public health, economic recovery, inclusive growth and the common values ​​of key democracies.

June 12: G7 meeting continues in Cornwall.

June 13: The G7 summit in Cornwall ends. President Jodi visits Castle Windsor where he meets Queen Elizabeth. Jill Biden returns home while Joe Biden continues in Brussels, Belgium.

June 14: NATO summit in Brussels. Future threats to the military alliance are on the agenda. Joe Biden meets with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

June 15: Biden meets King Philippe of Belgium and Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe. He will then attend a summit with EU leaders, including European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel. The White House says a common agenda will focus on cooperation on global health, global economic recovery, climate change and trade, digital issues, democracy and foreign policy. Biden then travels to Geneva, Switzerland, where he meets with President Guy Permelin.

June 16: US President meets with Russian envoy Vladimir Putin in Geneva. He then returns to the United States.

Fact: Joe Biden

Democrat Joseph (Joe) Biden was born on November 20, 1942. He grew up in an Irish Catholic family in Skronton, Pennsylvania, known as Rust Belt.

He worked briefly as a lawyer before entering politics. Between 1972 and 2009, he was a senator from Delaware. During his time in Congress, he was, among others, chairman of a powerful foreign affairs committee. He also identified himself as a person who could make cross-party compromises.

Candidate in the 1988 presidential election but resigned. On his second attempt in 2007, he withdrew early. Instead, he became Barack Obama’s vice president from 2009-2017.

He was formally nominated as a Democratic candidate in the presidential election of the same year in August 2020 – he won. Pitton’s vice president, Kamala Harris, is a former California senator.

She is married to Jill Pitton and has two children in life.