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Biden: I will have a serious talk with Netanyahu

Biden: I will have a serious talk with Netanyahu

The comment came after Biden's address to the nation on Thursday evening, when the president spoke with a Democratic senator on the House floor, the Associated Press reported.

In the call, Senator Michael Bennet urged President Biden to maintain pressure on Netanyahu over the growing concern about the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Biden didn't know the microphones were open when he said he and Netanyahu needed to have a “come to Jesus” meeting — an expression for speaking seriously or clearly on an issue where opinions differ.

Biden responded: “Good.”

When the US President was told to turn on the microphones, he said that was “good.”

Later, reporters asked Biden whether the Israeli prime minister should do more to reduce human suffering in Gaza, and he replied, “Yes.”

The call to Israel

The worsening humanitarian crisis and tight Israeli control over aid trucks exacerbated the problem of food shortages in Gaza. Many children have recently died from hunger, according to the United Nations.

During his address to the nation, Biden said that a temporary port will be established on the Gaza coast that can receive emergency aid by sea.

He also called on Israel to “do its part” and allow more aid in.

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