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Beginners in pet insurance change their name to Many Pets.

Beginners in pet insurance change their name to Many Pets.

Bought By Many Ltd is an award-winning animal insurance company introducing its new Swedish brand: “Many Pets”. The name change comes after the impressive growth of a British insurance competitor who launched dog and cat insurance in Sweden in 2019 following its success in the UK. Today, they insure more than 270,000 dogs and cats, and in Sweden their dog insurance tops the comparison to the Consumer Dog Insurance Agency for Dogs 2020.

The company’s strong focus on innovative technology and listening to the needs of pet owners has resulted in insurance solutions and services that better adapt to today’s dog and cat owners, their needs and lifestyle. Today, the company offers protection previously unavailable in Sweden, such as equal conditions regardless of race or age, supplements for previous complaints, fixed debits of 0 SEK and the highest compensation in Sweden for veterinary care – up to SEK 140,000.

The new name Many Pets reflects the company’s area of ​​specialty – offering unique dog and cat insurance. The name change is part of a broader strategy to develop the company in Sweden.

Whoever bought by many of Many Pets

“Our new name is one of the many steps we take to further develop and establish us in Sweden and achieve a deeper relationship with our Swedish customers. Our entire work depends on listening to the needs of customers and acting accordingly. During our first year in Sweden, we paid extra attention to what we can simplify and improve in our products. The new name Many Pets is in response to customer comments and clearly shows what we specialize in – insurance for dogs and cats. Says Katharina Gerk, Manitais CEO.

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The work is transferred to a Swedish branch

Many Pets also announces that regarding the name change, they will transfer the company to their Swedish subsidiary “Many Pets Filial”. The branch is licensed and under the direct supervision of Finansinspektionen and is registered on the Finansinspektionen website and in the Insurance Brokers Registry at the Swedish Company Registry.

“Before moving to a Swedish branch before Brexit, it is important to us as a company, because it ensures a smooth transition, so that we can continue to provide the same great service that our customers appreciate and expect. In addition, it opens up opportunities for our international expansion plans. Katharina continues.

In May 2020, B Buy By Many Ltd entered a Series C financing round equivalent to SEK 940 million to continue its international expansion. The move to Many Pets Filial and the new Swedish brand does not affect the insurance supplier’s product range or pricing.