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Battlefield 2042 specialists appear in the latest trailer

Battlefield 2042 specialists appear in the latest trailer

A Russian, a German, a Canadian and a South African enter the bar…

Battlefield 2042 As it is known, it skips the traditional classes, in order to focus instead on the registered ‘specialists’ rainbow six. These are now shown in a new trailer from the game.

The first is Canadian Webster Mackay, who is an attack class and can move much faster when he takes aim at the cable car. His specialty is a sniper rifle that allows him to draw to distant or high places.

He is joined by German Maria Falk, who represents the support class, and has been given a special pistol that she can use to treat herself and other players, even from a distance. She can also revive her teammates to full health.

Russia was also represented, as was the engineer Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky. He can place a robotic turret, and he can make it more efficient by standing close to it.

And it all ends with South African Wikos “Casper” Van Daley, representing the Recon Class. It comes with a drone that can locate the enemy and disable their electronic devices. It also gets a motion sensor that warns if someone tries to sneak in from behind.

In addition to these preset abilities, we will be free to choose the weapons we want to use, so if you want to be an engineer with a sniper rifle, that would be great. We’re still waiting for the open beta test to be announced, but at least we know that the final game will be released on October 22, or October 15 If you are an EA Play Pro subscriber or pre-book the correct version of the game.

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