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Battlefield 2042 is leaking to the web

Battlefield 2042 is leaking to the web

The next installation of Battlefield is being developed by DICE and will take place in the not too distant future – in the year 2042. Recently a short film has been published depicting the events in the game and behind the scenes, which is called Alpha Tech, which will run until August 15, when selected players around the world will experience the game in complete secrecy.

The leaked videos uploaded to YouTube vanished as quickly as they were posted, but as the old saying goes; The Internet never forgets. A Reddit user managed to get his hands on three videos, two of which remain and two screenshots. One on one of the maps, the other on one of the soldiers’ classes – Specialist Rickon Casper.


The videos give a first glimpse into the battles on foot and with vehicles, as well as what the user interface (UI) is like today. Frequent items are also all kinds of graphics errors, which is to be expected from early alpha testing. The fact that it’s an early version of the game also means that it can’t exactly be considered to represent the end result.

Battlefield 2042 will launch on October 22 and will be released for PC/Windows, Xbox S/X, Xbox Seris S/X, Playstation 4 (Pro), and Playstation 5. Before that, beta testing is expected sometime in September.

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