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Bao gets drinks in Denmark

Bao gets drinks in Denmark

docu-soap queen Paulina “Pao” DanielsonShe is 27 years old at the time of writing in Denmark with her boyfriend Alexander Zobel.

Bao and her boyfriend are in love. Bidlkälla: kattpaow / Instagram

The couple met during a trip over the summer and have been together ever since.

Pau and Alexander recently had a little adventure stopping in Turkey where they intervened, among other things, the friend having repaired the same type of facade that Pao has on his teeth.

It’s also now rumored that Alexander did the same cat-eye lift as Pau did which is why he didn’t post a photo for a long time.

Paw: “They’re throwing me drinks.”

After their trip, Pau and Alexander chose to reside in Alexander’s home country of Denmark. But according to Bao, there was no further experience.

In an Instagram post, she recently wrote how it happens that she doesn’t thrive in the area of ​​her boyfriend’s house.

“All girls are so bad. They get pushed, look a little worried, and pour drinks on one. When you have a table outside, a swarm of sluts comes along and gets to drink your alcohol. No taxi. Or yes but not Uber. No kind like Stockholm Taxi. Expensive Pricey wrote, “They get angry because you had surgery,” and continues:

“Or they’re dirty to Alex and ask if I forced him to make his teeth. They get bad if they notice you have money. People get drunk and work hard outside and get pricey at the groceries.”

She told Bao what she didn’t like about Denmark. Image source: kattpaow / Instagram
“I am very disappointed in Denmark,” Bao wrote. Image source: kattpaow / Instagram
Bao took the opportunity to honor her boyfriend. Image source: kattpaow / Instagram

Despite the setbacks, Pau still lands it in. The best thing about being in Denmark is that she can be with her boyfriend.

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How long they will remain is still unclear.