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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz resigns

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz resigns

Sebastian Kurz announced at a press conference on Saturday evening that he is stepping down as Federal Chancellor. The three largest opposition parties demanded his resignation and he believes the country needs stability.

– So I want to leave space to prevent chaos and ensure stability.

Kurz had asked Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, one of his closest confidants, to take the position of chancellor.

at recent days Curtis wrestled with a series of accusations.

It is suspected that Kurz and nine people from his immediate circle paid the equivalent of ten million kroner in advertising grants to an Austrian newspaper, in order to get the newspaper to report favorably on him. In addition, the newspaper is said to have published fake opinion polls about Kurz’s popularity for taxpayer money. The Federal Chancellor denied all allegations and allegations that the Prosecutor General’s Office is acting politically.

At the press conference, Kurz again said that the accusations were not true.

– He said they were fake and I’ll explain it.

Kurtz had also previously been suspected of corruption and had falsely testified before a parliamentary committee that examined the chief executive. In 2019, one of his closest friends became CEO of ÖBAG, the parent company of fully or partially state-owned companies in Austria. Kurtz claims that he has nothing to do with the date, but messages between friends give a different picture.

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