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Are you smarter than you think?  12 characters…

Are you smarter than you think? 12 characters…

Do you like dark memes? Then you can be very smart.
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Are you smarter than you think?

There are many unspoken things associated with higher intelligence, such as the number we have in our sibling group, anxiety and the kind of humor we like.

Wise, clever, genius, clever, sharp. There are many synonyms for intelligence as well as different ways of defining what intelligence is. How do you know if someone is smart? IQ tests are often used to measure IQs and as a measure they say a lot about the ability to think abstractly. Some researchers believe that this is the only way to measure intelligence, while other researchers believe that intelligence is made up of several factors and that there are certain traits associated with intelligence that cannot be measured with an IQ test. Creative problem solving and emotional intelligence, eg.

In general, it can be said that determining intelligence is difficult, but researchers are doing their best to measure it. Below, inspired by The Healthy, we’ve listed some of the things that seem to be associated with higher intelligence. Maybe you are smarter than you think?

1. You are the older brother

Older siblings appear to have higher IQs than their younger siblings, according to a study published in the Journal of Human Resources. He thinks the reason is due to two things. First, it is common for older children in the sibling group to receive more attention and mental stimulation than younger children. Researchers also believe that the habits of those carrying the baby in the womb look different. First-time parents are less averse to the dangers of alcohol and smoking.

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2. You tampas with anxiety

Is there a relationship between mental illness and genius? There is research that shows that people with higher IQs are diagnosed with anxiety-depressive syndrome more often than the average person. This may be because intelligent people over-analyze their surroundings and themselves in their pursuit of perfection.

Psychology professor Katherine Fransen believes that anyone who deviates from the norm risks experiencing social challenges in life.

“It includes those who differ from others because of something that appears to be a positive trait, like genius,” she told The Healthy.

3. You are an athlete

Brain surgeon and author Rahul Jandial believes that many geniuses exercise and that the evidence that physical activity sharpens our intellectual capacity is clear. Cardio training in particular appears to be associated with improved cognitive ability. One Swedish cohort study from 2009 Show that cardio training can improve verbal ability by 50 percent. However, there appears to be no link between weight lifting and higher cognitive ability.

4. You are a night owl

Being a night owl, i.e. having a late chronological pattern, is rarely presented as a good thing. Their internal clock is rarely in sync with the times that society as a whole is bound by, and as if that weren’t enough, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and depression is higher.

But the presence of this temporal pattern can actually indicate high intelligence. Scientists believe that because of evolution. In the past, night time was synonymous with danger and people who stayed up late had to be very smart.

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5. You have ease of adjustment

Adaptability and flexibility in different situations may not seem very advanced, but it is largely related to the ability of intelligence. The ability to adapt places high demands on cognition, such as the ability to perceive, the ability to remember, solve problems, and think logically.

6. You have a black sense of humor

How do you deal with a rude joke? If your favorite humor has a dark element and includes jokes about tragic and pathological themes, you may have been insulted for being abusive. You can also be a misunderstood (and funny!) genius. Researchers believe it takes a part of the brain to process black humor, and if you appreciate these kinds of jokes, you may have a higher IQ.

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7. I took music lessons when I was a kid

Are you wondering why music lessons are necessary in school? You can thank them for being as smart as you. In 2018, a study published in Frontiers of Neuroscience showed that children who took music lessons scored higher when verbal intelligence, planning, and inhibitory ability were tested. In another study, researchers looked at four- and six-year-olds taking music lessons, and that study also showed greater verbal intelligence.

8. You’re Judicial

Judging others may not be a particularly admirable trait, but it can be linked to intelligence. Intelligent people are adept at spotting patterns, and thus they can be quick to judge people by appearance and behavior or categorize according to different stereotypes.

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9. You are messy

Messy office? Difficult to maintain order? So maybe you are a creative genius. Living in chaos can be a major stressor that erodes an individual’s cognitive ability. But for some people, it is associated with creativity and can give a creative impulse to problem solving.

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10. You have glasses

It’s just like the stereotype: glasses standards are smart! Of course, the interior design is very simple, but a study from the University of Edinburgh shows that intelligent people have a 30 percent greater chance of carrying the genes associated with poor vision.

There are also a lot of studies that show that we think that people who wear glasses are smart.

11. You are a lone wolf

Would you rather be alone than mingle? There are many studies that suggest that smart people are lone wolves. When researchers from Singapore Management University and the London School of Economics combined questionnaire responses and IQ scores from 15,000 participants, the results showed that Smarter people actually become more dissatisfied with their lives the more social they are.

12. You are left-handed

Only a small part of the world’s population does things with the left hand, but if you belong to that group, there is also a good chance of joining the group of highly intelligent people. Research shows that left-handed people are better at solving mathematical problems and have an impressive ability to solve problems.