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Aptx Lossless from Qualcomm will provide CD quality via Bluetooth

Aptx Lossless from Qualcomm will provide CD quality via Bluetooth

Wireless headphones are a flexible alternative for those who are tired of extra cables. They are usually connected to Bluetooth, whose limitations mean that seamless communication is done with a certain compromise on sound quality. Thus, anyone who wants to enjoy lossless music is still bound by cable, regardless of whether it is local files or streaming services.

Qualcomm now offers its solution to the problem. This is a further development of the previous Aptx Adaptive audio coding technology, which has been further improved. nya Aptx Lossless It is part of the Snapdragon Sound platform and will provide lossless audio playback on Bluetooth CD quality i.e. 16-bit above 44.1kHz.

With Aptx Lossless, the bandwidth is increased up to 1 Mbps, which among other things is superior to the Sony LDAC audio codec’s 990 Kbps bandwidth. Some compression does occur, but according to Qualcomm, Aptx Lossless can reproduce audio perfectly without loss as long as the signal strength of the Bluetooth connection is adequate for it. The technology automatically detects if there is a non-lost material being played and then adjusts the bandwidth. To avoid interruptions or noise in poor communication conditions or disturbances, dynamic scaling to at least 140 kbps was also found.

Like previous Qualcomm versions of Aptx, both the headphones and the device connected to them require support for this technology. Currently, Aptx support is more popular on Android devices, with Apple choosing instead to focus on AAC audio compression technology. The first products are expected to be available to consumers in early 2022.

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Will wireless headphones be an option for you when CD quality is possible?