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Apps allow you to receive card payments directly on your mobile without a card reader

Apps allow you to receive card payments directly on your mobile without a card reader




Use your mobile phone as a card reader and cash register

Small card readers for contactless payments have become a common sight in stores, stores, markets and more, but now Paypal is releasing an app that allows companies to charge directly through an Android phone, without a separate card reader.

Swedish company Zettle, which has owned American PayPal for two years, has been releasing the ability to receive card payments directly through a mobile phone. Izettle, as they were called when they were installed, has long provided card readers that connect to a tablet or mobile, thus getting a more or less complete checkout system. So now this whole solution takes up space in the mobile and makes the individual card reader redundant. The solution is now being released by Paypal in Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK, so it is possible to get started right now.

In practice, this means who are the entrepreneurs I downloaded the Zettle Go app For their Android mobile with NFC, you can withdraw money directly from physical payment cards, digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google or Samsung Pay, as well as smart watches with similar functionality. It is also possible for the customer to enter their zip code directly on the phone when needed. The solution works on both Android devices, phones and tablets, but NFC and Android 8.0 or later. Apple restricts access to NFC on iPhone and iPad so it does not work. PayPal’s solution is for Android devices only and the charges are the same when using Zettle’s separate card readers.

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Customers who shop can place their card or device on the back of an Android device with a digital wallet, print out a payment receipt, email or send an SMS. Today, the activity is active in Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and PayPal says they expect to launch additional markets soon.